Please email if you have any enquiries
Please email if you have any enquiries
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How to Navigate this Shop

Please click on the collection you're looking to purchase from the above menu!

Information about each collection:

1. Malingmouse 

This is the main collection where you can find malingmouse designs

2. Mouse den

This is an exclusive membership gained by earning cheese and loyalty points. Please refer to FAQ for more information

3. Demdadpins

Collection selling pins by @demdadpins on instagram. This collection is completely run by @demdadpins and I am only allowing him use of my platform. Please redirect all enquiries to

4. MouseSub

This is a subscription listing which will charge you once a month. You will receive the husbando of the month. Currently this subscription service is closed until Jan 2021.

How do I get the password?

Each collection has it's own password. 

Malingmouse passwords are dropped in FB/discord. 

But please look out for discord links on malingmouse IG's stories. These links are posted every Friday and last 24h.

Mouse den passwords are dropped in mouse den IG. Please refer to FAQ on how to join and get the passwords.

Demdadpins passwords are dropped in @demdadpins and is currently closed. 

I want to check my order/subscription status!

You can do so by logging into your account at the top of the page. For subscriptions, please make sure that you are following @mousesubs on IG. Please email if you have not been accepted and already have a subscription.

New subscription spots open in January 2021.